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Levean “ Myss Lovie” Pinkston

Is the Founder and CEO of Love 2 Jam Radio. Known for the original events Battle Ground Houston, Cypher Sundays & Houston Unplugged; all of which cater to Independent artists, Myss Lovie has brought her version of rap entertainment to the third coast. In addition to doing features for various independent hip-hop artists, Myss Lovies voice might seem familiar from guest appearances on local radio shows, and hosting of events. Viewing the industry with a rose-colored pair of hater blockers, Myss Lovies bubbly personality and sweet disposition will distract you from the cutting facts that she is able to convey. Now she has branched out into her own, and extends the olive branch to all advocates of real Hip-Hop/R&B and INDEPENDENT BRANDING. With IN-HOUSE Production, and an extensive network that ranges from fashion to DISTRIBUTION, Love 2 Jam Radio is the NEXT LEVEL in internet radio and independent brand exposure.  


This Houston native carved his own lyrical lane; 2016 was DEFINATELY a wake-up call to the INDIE realm! Lyricism mixed with that old fashioned SOUTHERN drawl- ShooterMAC is WorldWideMusic/Universal distributed artist whose hit single "IM WIT IT" IS doing gymnastics online- and NUMBERS DONT LIE! ShooterMAC has been interviewed on "93.7 The beat" and "Hip Hop Weekly" twice this year- check his library- you wont be disappointed!

Shooter Mac - Im Wit it - Kartier Directed This



To be pulled out that cloud and introduced to reality sooner or later.."

K.A.Y.O is the co-founder and sole artist of H.I.R.Ent. Well-known for his lyrical content, he's also AN ORIGINAL MEMBER of Love2Jam Radio. He's the slick-talking- underground artist that hosts and interviews the artists that grace the Unplugged Houston Edition Stage. He's an advocate for hip-hop and plans to bring the culture back to it's roots with his lyricism, storytelling, & all around fun. His mission with Love2Jam radio is .."to help bring the raw, gritty back to the forefront and show that Love2Jam isn't the "typical" radio station! You can find him at the LIVEST INDIE HIPHOP BLOG- THE RAP SHACK - discussing all things HIPHOP!

Twitter: da_pipe_bomb
FB: Kayo da Konspiracy
IG: darealkayo
SOUND CLOUD: Darealkayo

"The opportunities presented for local artists have become endless and much more rewarding than i ever anticipated-No one is above the artist!!!"

​~Hypeman Z

Monzelle aka "Hypeman Z" is a young entrepreneur based out of Houston, Tx. Growing up in a large family, MONZELLE's access to resources were limited- MAKING self expression important to him. Performing since the age of 8, the entertainment realm has provided the greatest outlet for this expression, as well as brought him much success. Starting off as the MC of the renowned "The Drake" nightclub in Houston was just the beginning for this young eclectic. His voice and energetic delivery catapulted Hypeman Z into further endeavors. First, creation of Next Level Cyphers, which then lead to Cypher Sunday's, which evolved into the televised show Unplugged Houston Edition- over a two years span. Currently Hypeman Z is the proud owner of GYNO Records LLC. This motivated, prideful, and creative gentleman is of a strong business mind that far succeeds that of his peers. 

Love 2 Jam Radio- VP OF OPERATIONS


Ig: hypemanz 

Fb: monzelle hypemanz white

Twitter: monzelle_

.."willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the WORLD takes time to #LAFFWITHRILLOS!"
~Comedian RILLOS

Boris "Rillos" Johnson is a hilarious Houston,Texas based comedian. "RILLOS" IS an active team player with the Love2Jam Family, hosting the televised show #UNPLUGGEDHOUSTONEDITION as well as his own comedy segment #PLUGGEDINTOCOMEDY that takes place ON THE LAST SATURDAY of each month. He began his comedy career in 2013, and has traveled to New York, California, Louisiana, Chicago, and Florida to entertain crowds of all ages. His universal style of comedy covers everything from family and friends, to work and play. His hosting strengths reveal a keen sense of humor that exploit his witty thought process and his sarcastic personality, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats in laughter. This Houston Native is very active in his community and is also a part of the comedy/business segments of Black Fire Entertainment.  

Love 2 Jam Radio

Black Fire Entertainment

Keyline Magazine Comedy

IG- @comedianrillos

FB- Boris Rillos Johnson